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Das im November 2020 erschienene 13" MacBook Air verfügt über Apples Arm-basierten M1-SoC mit einer 8-Kern-CPU und bis zu einer 8-Kern-GPU. (Modell A2337 / EMC 3598 mit zwei Thunderbolt 3-Anschlüssen)

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m1 MacBook Air keyboard backlight flickering.

Ok so few weeks ago I got myself a brand new m1 macbook air, it was working totally fine until suddenly the keyboard backlight started to flicker out of nowhere. *things I noticed:
*flickering starts sometime(randomly) after mac goes to sleep or SHUT DOWN.
*stops immediately when I touch the backlight slider control from the control center and does not happen until unless mac goes to sleep(manually/automatically) or Shutdown.
*All keys work ,backlight auto adjusts to ambient lighting as expected, manual backlight control using the slider works as expected
*if the backlight was set to a level other than 0, and the backlight was flickering during sleep/shutdown it stops immediately after I log in
*if backlight was set to level 0, flickering continues after I log in, but stops immediately when the slider is touched and given a manual input (including level 0)
*when its flickering and the slider is not yet touched, the slider doesnt oscillate back and forth in sync with the flickering to reflect the backlight level, it stays normal.
*The flickering is completely random and may randomly stop completely during sleep.

what I tried doing:
*Complete Mac Os reinstall after formatting everything.
*norton full scan
*Installing mac os on an ext ssd and booting from there
Nothing worked.

Btw just so u know, I recently moved to an area with very high humidity.

Thanks already if anyone of u read all this crap, any opinion of what could be wrong would be EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELYYY helpful.

*UPDATE 1 : I noticed that now it no longer flickers but rather just mostly stays on (with flickering happening rarely), which is even terrible coz the backlight is draining the battery during sleep

*1 additional info: The 2nd day after I received the mac, I used it after workout, and I remember a tiny drop of sweat fell on the bottom left corner of the space bar key. most of it was on the key surface with a tiny amount going under, which I wiped by poking a thin piece of paper. I didnt think much of it at first but here I am after 2 weeks, so who knows (smh)

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You really have no choices here! Time to find your way to an Apple Store or authorized reseller to help you.

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I would, thing is the nearest aasp is about a 100 miles away, so not a feasible soln at the moment. Therefore I was thinking if its something that would fix itself on its own. Do u think my backlight is damaged? (if so I don't understand why does it work normally when mac's not in sleep/shutdown.), or do u think its the excessive humidity in this new area that somehow damaged the logic board , btw I did ran an Apple diagnostic on my mac everything came out as normal. Btw what I find really strange is the flashing after the shutdown. I mean theres power in the keyboard even after shutdown but how is it getting to the backlight to cause the flashing? smh


@walter165 - contact Apple directly they can ship you a shipping container to ship to the nearest repair depot.

First it does sound like something major which would require opening the system (likely voiding your warranty) Then the next problem is there are no parts available! So you're stuck still again ;-{

Sorry no magic here.


@danj I contacted apple , and they told me the mail in service isnt available in my region at the moment :( so aasp is the only option. I was also worried that if humidity caused all this prob my warranty is already void, btw I noticed now the backlight just mostly stays on instead of flickering during sleep. One additional info: during my 2nd day after I got the mac, a tiny drop of sweat fell on the bottom left corner of the spacebar key, most of it was on the surface, and I used a thin paper to poke the corner and clean it. That was 2 weeks ago, never thought of it much. Have u ever seen water damage cause this sort of weird problem? I really wish its a manufacturing defect...


Sorry I can't answer that ;-{

Humidity is alway tricky! Moving your system from a A/C location to outside could allow the dew to settle (wetness vs vapor).

When I travel to humid places, I pack a bunch of hand warmers they convert the moisture in the air to heat! So they can dry out the vapor 'they will NOT affect the collected dew! And this is in a sealed plastic bag before I jump between the A/C space to the outside. You might want to get a humidity gage. There here's one company that offers them Humidity Indicator, Width 2 in, Length 3 in, PK 125 Its a very useful tool!


@danj Ya that is a really useful tool. Btw I was wondering is it possible for me to open my macbook, and see if the water sensors have tripped? (I really don't wanna travel 100 miles to an aasp only to be told my mac has water damage) So is it possible to open my mac or does simply opening ur mac also somehow voids ur warrenty? lol


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