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The LG Stylo 4 is a stylus-equipped midrange slate-format Android smartphone released by LG in 2018. Identifiable by model numbers L713DL and Q710(AL, CS, MS, TS, ULM, ULS, and US).

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Why is my screen not working?

A few days ago, my phone’s screen started to act funny. It turned mostly gray and the touch screen wouldn’t work. The morning after, it was a darker shade of grey and it faded to black near the edges of the screen. Now, the screen is completely dark. It still receives messages and notifications, the sound still works, and so does the stylus. But I don’t know why it won’t work or what needs to be done to get it fixed.

Any advice is appreciated!

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@alex43 what you are describing sounds like a failed screen (worst case would be signal issues from the main circuit board etc). I suggest that you replace the display assembly. If nothing else it would give you a known-well starting point. Use something like this video to work on your phone.

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