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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zu den Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllern.

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Is it possible that I broke this joystick ribbon?

I was doing my first ever repair and started with a JoyCon of mine that has severe drift but don't use anymore before I fixed a JoyCon with drift that I do use.

While in the process of swapping the joysticks, I think I pinched my cable because my joystick didn't work when I was testing it.

Here's pictures for reference

Block Image

Block Image

Here's how the drifting joystick for reference, in case it's helpful.

Block Image

The curve in the cable is due to a piece of foam that I think Nintendo added when I sent it to them years ago to help with the connectivity issues it had with the Switch when docked and sat around 6-10 feet away.

So… do you think my replacement is broken?

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Yeah it looks like its broken

is it left or right

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It was the left one.

Do you think I could get a replacement or would I need to buy a new part? And what should I do with the joysticks that don't work if I don't send them back?


Here's the part : Nintendo Switch Joy-Con/Switch Lite Joystick

I'm assuming you have the tools?


also i would keep the broken part, its cool to see whats in your joy-con


I have the tools, yes. Also, I don't really want two busted joycon laying around in my house so I would rather either keep one or just get rid of both.



Hope your repair is successful


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