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Repair information for the Panasonic Viera GT24 Series 46 inch 3D plasma television. This television has model number TC-46PGT24.

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fell over flat on the screen and its cracked

The tv fell over flat on the screen and its cracked several places but it turns on but no picture is it a led bulb fault

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Hi @Anthony lee Hirst ,

If the panel is cracked it cannot be repaired.

It needs to be replaced if you can find an exact replacement panel that is, as they are difficult to find. If you do happen to find one it most probably will cost nearly as much as a new TV.

Disconnect the power from the TV and then remove the back cover.

Look for the panel part number which is printed on the back of the panel and then search online using the part number to hopefully find suppliers. You may be lucky.

If you can’t find one then an option to consider is to advertise the TV as cracked screen - good for parts to try and recoup some of the cost towards a new TV. TV circuit boards are always in demand.

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