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Eine kleine Überarbeitung des MacBook Air von Ende 2018 mit gleicher Modellnummer (A1932) und EMC Nummer (3184). Dieses Modell ist mit True Tone und einem leicht abgeändertem Akku ausgestattet.

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New top case and logic board and keyboard isn't working still

I replaced top case keyboard for someone and the keys aren’t working still so I tried a new logic board and still having an issue where its delaying the letter typed or doesn’t even work at all any idea what else it might be?

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Hi! What all exactly did you replace? Ive had a lot of these MacBook Air Retina models where a bad battery can cause all sorts of weird issues or glitches. These computers do not work right at all if the battery has been damaged or is defective. You said that you replaced the topcase, did it come with a battery as well? Also the trackpad and or trackpad cable or the trackpad connector board can cause similar issues with the keyboard or functionality of the MacBook. The audio board on these can also cause problems, try testing it with the audio board flex disconnected from the motherboard.

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Top case came with new battery

Track pad fully functional

Im leaning on most likely the top case/keyboard battery I got is defective


I would test it with just screen, charger port and battery plugged in. If it glitches then it's probably bad or incompatible battery. Also I have noticed that these retina MacBook airs do not like it when you use parts from other MacBook Air models. Even though the parts look identical they can cause weird issues if you use parts from a different year MacBook and it can be a huge headache. This could be why your'e having all these weird problems.


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