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Die Apple Watch Series 1 ist eine Überarbeitung der ursprünglichen Apple Watch, sie wurde am 7. September 2016 angekündigt. Die meisten Teile sind die gleichen wie bei der Series 2

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Is the screen or the flex?

I will change the screen of my Apple Watch, I charge it to be sure the battery is still working, but the screen doesn’t show anything, is just black but the Apple Watch still working, so i want to be sure is the screen or the ribbon flex in the main board, what i can do? I dont want to waste $50 :/

EDIT: The Watch was funcionally before one day I put my hand into my pocked and the belt ripped off in a bad way the Watch (i dont remember well if i pull it off hard and landed in the ground or just pull it off from my waist and just put it in my bed) because it was making a bad noise and scare me a lot.

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Was the watch opened? Why do you think the display is bad? Are you able to see the watch via your iPhone?


@danj My Apple Watch was linked to my old iPhone 7, so, i cant see the Watch via any other iPhone, the display doesn’t work at all. (And yes, is was opened, in fact, is still opened because the screen was totally crashed so it doesn’t work and doesn’t have a lot of parts of the crystal)


if the cables dont look ripped /kinked/creased they are (probably) fine. sounds like a mangled display. the cables couldve sustained damage due to spontaneous current draw from screen when cracked. severly cracked screens experience shorts inside the oled panel


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At this point its a gamble! Maybe replacing the screen assembly is all you’ll need:

If you damaged the display SIP ribbon cable that’s a bit more work (iFixit only offers the 42mm model)

Even still you’ll need to dig out your old iPhone 7 so you can break its link and link it to your current iPhone. Also given the age of the watch you likely need a new battery.

Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Display Cable Bild


Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Display Cable


Apple Watch (38 mm, Original & Series 1) Screen Bild


Apple Watch (38 mm, Original & Series 1) Screen


Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Screen Bild


Apple Watch (42 mm, Original & Series 1) Screen


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Well, I will try it first with just the screen, hope it works. (Maybe is just the screen, due to buttons still working and by mistake I activate the SOS Mode so the speakers also works, but the bad part, due to the SOS Mode I disconnected the battery :c)


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