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iPhone not booting up with LCD attached

Hi there,

i am running into a strange issue with my iphone.

i have repaired a smashed back cover and changed the wireless charging coil because the previous one was damaged.

So, putting the phone back together I have noticed that the phone is only able to boot while the LCD is not attached.

I have tried different configurations to troubleshot what could be the issue, and my results are:

touch screen works ok

earpiece works ok

other sensors and cameras works ok.

the LCD is original and has not been damaged.

the phone was working ok for a few days after it was damaged (before repair) and have suddenly stopped working. I thought that it was due to the damaged charging coil, but now I think that was probably the LCD.

When the screen is attached, I have got no picture, but the phone is able to go to recovery and DFU mode.

if I try a restore it will systematically fail at 18% in 3utools, and looking at the logs it will show: USB error (000000)

without the screen I am able to restore the phone.

what are your thoughts guys?



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FYI swapping screens between 2 phones have solved the problem permanently. Even fitting back the original screen to the original phone is working now. So I have no answer for the “why”, but at least problem is solved!

I thing that this process have triggered something that have reset the unhappy line of code.

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From what *I remember*, I believe I once watched a REWA video regarding the NAND in iPhones and what typical indicators you can look for to account for failure of the NAND, and I think anything between 17%-20% flash progress stalling in 3U indicates general NAND failure. That would be my guess, but beyond that give it a shot to put the motherboard under the microscope and peel the heat transfer tape off the board and look for any obvious component damage. After that, if you have one, try looking for shorts on the board via a thermal camera.

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Hi Benny,

Thanks for your answer!

I thought the same until I realised that the phone was able to communicate normally with my computer if the screen was removed!

I really don’t get what is going wrong. Is the screen making a short that disable the ability for the phone to send and receive data via USB? Or is it the an USB failure that disable the screen?

Can small glass debris cause damage of the screen?

Or as you have suggested, can the NAND only work properly without screen?

The only option I see, would be to buy a new screen and try it on, but I feel like it might be a waste of money.


@matheous4 It seems like a short somewhere on the board at this point. As I mentioned, if you have access to a thermal camera, try to see if any chips or IC's on the board (More specifically the display IC) are heating up rapidly, indicating a short. Otherwise, I would probably try and call it for this device as if a thermal camera can't find a short, it seems like this would be a job requiring board separation.


As an hobbyist I don’t have all this equipment to test it out. I can only work by elimination :(


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I currently have the exact same issue with an iPhone 12 pro max… did you find the cause?

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Hi Kevin, I did not. But I bought an other smashed iPhone 12, and I will try to swap screens to see if there is any difference. What have you tried so far?


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