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How the everloving flick-flack do I fix THIS? DESPERATE HELP NEEDED

Hi! We recently helped some friend clear out their now-ex neighbors apartment and he gifted us a box full of decorative enamel angels, one of them being this little guy in the photo I've added below.

Block Image

I've noticed not only a weird smell to him, but also a sort of badly decayed board and perhaps a speaker(??) falling out underneath his drum. After pouring some IPA on the corroded parts it suddenly startet making some sound, a pretty dead sound. I think this little dude is supposed to either drum or do any type of melody, but I don't know because, well, it's broken.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?? I desperately want to restore this lil guy, including whatever the !&&* the feature inside his drum is supposed to be. I've never fixed anythinf like this before. I have no idea what topic to shove this little guy into, especially since there's no “other devices” tab, but I really hope someone can help! Even tiny ideas on how to fix him are entirely acceptable!

More pictures of the board and the (perhaps) speaker below.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

weird plastic piece, probably to hold this whole thing somehow together.

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Some things to add: The solder apparently is so old it won't do anything except flake when I try to desolder, not even desoldering irons/strips seem to help here.

Also, one of the batteries leaked entirely through the board. Not sure if I'll get rid of the entire corrosion, even the board below it is slightly green-ish.


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First of all, clean off the parts that are still green (this is corrosion). Second, push out the coin cell battery from the battery holder and put in a new coin cell battery of the same size. Comment with any further problems.

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Any way to get rid of stubborn solder? Mine won't move or do anything except flake when I try to desolder, desolder irons and strips didn't do a thing. I can't properly clean the parts where the batteries sat without removing the battery "beds".


@yukaissleepy Have you tried melting new solder on top of the existing solder.

Also: The sound won't work right now, as the piezoelectric element is damaged.


@andrews yup, I got it clean. Guess it's update time lol

I got the thing running, however the damage is greater than I thought. The battery acid went thru the entire board, however despite the damage I managed to get a faint but sorta clear sound coming from the "speaker". I sadly can't fix that one entirely for sure, the board is done and doner.


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