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The Acer Aspire V5-122P-0468 is a laptop with 11.6” screen originally manufactured starting in 2013.

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How can I replace 30 pin lcd screen with an older types of lcd screen?

How can I replace 30 pin lcd screen with an older types of lcd screen? The lcd screen is from toshiba satellite windows 7 vista

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You don’t say what type of older screen, as some use cold cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFL) to provide the backlighting in the display whilst others use LED lights. If it has CCFL backlighting then the laptop motherboard would need an inverter circuit to power the tubes. This is different to the power supply circuit required for LED backlighting. Your laptop has an LED display.

Also to replace a screen with another you would have to know what the function of each wire in the video cable is.

The motherboard’s video cable connector is hard wired a certain way. The wiring connections from the display assembly have to match what they connect to on the motherboard otherwise at best it might work or at worst it will damage either the motherboard, the display or both.

You need to find the schematic diagrams for the motherboard or the datasheet for the existing display to find out what the wire functions are. Then you have to check that the replacement display is wired exactly the same way.

Not only does the wiring have to match, the voltage signals sent by the motherboard also have to be compatible with the new display as well, so you need to find datasheet for both display panels as well

Here’s the motherboard schematics (I think) that may help.

Alternatively search online for (insert motherboard’s board number) schematic (the board number is printed on the motherboard itself), or to hopefully find the display datasheet if you can’t find the motherboard schematics, look on the back of the display panel to find the make and model number of the panel. Then search online for (insert make and model of LCD panel) datasheet to hopefully find it. The same would need to be done for the intended replacement display panel to see if it matches.

Lastly, it has to physically fit into the lid as well as the mounting points may be in a different position on the panel.

Basically you have to verify that the new display panel is compatible with the laptop in every way, electrically and mechanically.

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Thanks for the info. But I found out there is a pin converter for lcd screen 40 pin to 30 pin for example, but my lcd is ccfl I wonder how many pin it has I think it is a white pin, it is different from 30 pin lcd again thanks for all the info.


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