Can not get past google verfication after factory reset

So i have factory reset my tablet. When i get to the google verfication i can not go any further. On the many videos and pages ive read over the past sevsral months says will be easy to do. They say to type in a random word select it and a box will appear sayin copy paste and assist! MINE HAS NO ASSIST JUST COPY AND PASTE !i have no clue what to do know. Plea se if anyone could help. This is my daughters and she hasent used it in several months because of this. Ty if you dojnt care if u can help please email me at have a great day

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Can you take a picture of the screen where you are having trouble? Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


Do you know the email & password last used on it?


I dont know the email and if i type in a random word in the email as all the videos say it domt have the button to click for assist


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