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Why is the audio for the speaker & headphone jack low/crackling?

The audio for both the speaker and headphone jack are terrible on my Gameboy but in different ways:

Speakers: Very low, even with the volume wheel turned all the way up. It’s also very crackly sounding (for lack of better words).

Headphone Jack: The volume wheel works as it should through the headphones, but there is an ever present and incredibly loud crackling noise that accompanies the audio, regardless of what volume I have the Gameboy turned up/down to.

Why is this happening and how should I go about repairing this myself?

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A first good step could be to clean out the auxiliary port on the Gameboy with isopropyl alcohol preferably 96%+. After that then inspecting the inside of the jack for damage. After checking for damage if you see any or if you continue to have problems then it might be worth while to look into checking the solder connections form the Board to the Aux jack and then possibly replacing the jack.

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The Legend of Zelda I would further inspect all the cap(acitor)s. You may want to consider recapping the board. Those caps are getting awfully tired and degraded :-)


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