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Reparaturanleitungen, Support und Infos zur Fehlerbehebung für das erste 13" MacBook Air mit Apples ARM-basiertem M1 SoC (mit 8-core CPU und bis zu 8-core GPU). Erschienen im November 2020 und identifiziert mit den Modellnummern A2337 und EMC 3598.

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How to remove display from lid assembly for replacement?

What are the steps to replace only the display without having to replace the lid assembly as well? The price for the assembly is double that of the a2337 display so if possible I would like to only replace that.

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@mbraun555 - Where did you find a raw LCD panel for this system?


I’ve seen a couple places but here’s the one I was looking at https://www.kaufland.de/product/37860426...


Hey, have you tried it yet? I have a broken screen on my a2337, but I wonder if the quality is acceptable. I.e. resolution, Color and battery usage.


@Carl Sange I ordered a screen assembly from Alibaba I’ll let you know if it works.


Great, thanks!!!


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As this is such a new system we just don’t have any history yet!

The Intel model has the screen glued in! It will take a good heat gun suction cups and plastic picks to carefully pry the display off, often times the screen will fracture in the process so be careful you control the flying glass and razor sharp edges! Wear eye protection & proper gloves.

mmm … I do wonder if this screen will work. First the description is off!

Full LCD display unit for Apple MacBookAir13.3 A21789 2020 black

Here’s the correct system description: MacBook Air: MacBookAir10,1 - A2337 - 3598

Just like the early 2020 Intel version of the MacBook Air Core i7 Apple offered TrueTone which requires new screens to be calibrated! So while a new screen will work you will loose brightness control & FaceTime camera functions. Even a new complete display assembly faces this issue as well. This is a special calibration program not available to the public only via Apples Global Services private network.

Only recycled displays don’t require calibration! So unless you have a nearby AppleStore or authorized Apple service center you’ll need to visit them and some won’t calibrate your system for you or will charge you a fee! So consider that added cost.

Now while not a solution today, Apple has made it clear they will be opening up a parts program for their gear. We don’t know when as well what will be covered time wise, or if access to the calibration tool will be offered.

While its painful, maybe its best to get your system to Apple directly so you don’t need to deal with the hassle.

Please support the Right to Repair movement!

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Thanks for the detailed response. I guess it’s going on the shelf for bit.


@mbraun555 - Sorry ;-{

Apple since 2018 models which intro'ed TrueTone have made replacing screens much harder!


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