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MacBook Pro 15 mid 2012 Pre Retina won't turn on or charge.

Hi everyone!
i have a MBP 9,1 (15”, mid2012, unibody A1286), 16GB, 1TB ssd, which suddenly wonʻt turn on. The magsafe charger LED does not light up, and no matter how long i leave it on the charger, it doesnʻt show any signs of working. Does anyone have an idea of what might be the issue. it was working perfectly fine before.

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It might be the logic board or the Magsafe board,
Did you run down the battery all the way before the problem started?

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hi! ugh, i was afraid of that. i had the computer fully charged, then turned it off for a couple of weeks (itʻs my back-up for running shows). When i came back to it, it was dead.


i mean, it wouldn't turn on, and the magsafe light doesn't come on.. i donʻt know the state of the battery.


@the_kat Maybe get a magsafe board to try first

Get back to me when you get the part

MacBook Pro Unibody 13" and 15" MagSafe DC-In Board


Thank you every on for the quick replies!

@beanman56 - i ordered the part yesterday, will update you asap

@danj - iʻm using the charger i use with my primary computer, to no avail. i tried cleaning the contacts with a brush (out of contact cleaner). no luck yet.


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