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Android smartphone from Asus. Features a 5.2" 720p display and is powered by a Quad-core 64-bit MediaTek processor with 2GB or 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM.

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Phone heats up while charging and won't turn on

Good day people! Our home just got struck by the typhoon Odette, and for 6 days, I was not able to charge my phone. The phone in question is 6 years old, and in fact it still works good, although my only problem was the fast battery drainage which would only make my phone last for 6 hours without charge. I cut my usb cable charger and plugged the positive and negative wires into a battery I found, and I accidentally sticked them to the wrong portion, which results in the charger wires smoking. After that, my phone after charging it with the correct wires placed, the led indicator stays on for a while and heats up when charging. Should I get this to a battery repair shop or should I just charge it more (our electricity just came back now). Thank you in advance for the answers.

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The phone got plugged in with the wrong polarity to the USB connector? Also what voltage was the battery you connected it to?

If that’s the case, the charge circuity, and potentially more things probably got fried on the phone.
Based on the fact that the charger wires smoked, I think way more current than was good for the phone went into it…

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