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Modell A1369, 1.6, 1.7, oder 1.8 GHz Prozessor, 64, 128 oder 256 GB Flash Speicher.

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Topcover and keyboard replacement, Old speakers don't fit.

Hi, So, I’ve been buying various palm rests on eBay, and I’m currently on try #3. (First one had the escape key top cover missing, second one was for a 2012-2017 MacBook air, not a 2011 one.

So, keyboard and topcover #3 arrives, unfortunately, no backlight cable, trackpad cable or speakers.

I can transfer the trackpad cable from my current topcover, and I tried converting the speakers, but unfortunately, there’s a metal bar that’s blocking the speakers from going down all the way. Link to picture: Macbook Air 13'' Mid 2011 New Topcover left speaker location

Block Image

I’ve looked at eBay for a different-looking speaker set and did find some that where slightly different, but they don’t have a cut-out for the metal bar.

So, what should I look for in regards to the speakers so that I can have some sound coming out of this thing?

These Macbook Air 13'' Mid 2011 Speakers where the speakers that I had originally in my previous topcover+keyboard, that did not fit my new one.

Block Image

Thank you in Advance.

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I think you’re stuck in never-never land of the Amazon/eBay market places ;-{

While looking for case parts is often what I also end up searching in these market places, you often need to reference the part number on what you want and make sure the seller is not posting other P/N’s which don’t apply.

So let’s review what you need to deal with as its a bit more than you likely think! There are two versions of uppercase shells as there are two different keyboard layouts! US and ISO the keys are different and the sizes of some of the keys are different (the biggest clue is the Return/Enter key) so make sure you’ve ID’d the one you want. Then next is the keycaps! You’ll find the lettering will be laid-out differently for the different languages depending on the country the system is sold How to identify your Apple keyboard layout by country or region

In your case I think you’ve been caught by getting the 2010 and older or 2012 and newer uppercase instead of the 2011 version you want. For reference here’s the two likely candidates:

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It appears to be the british one, indeed. The enter key matches the one on the picture you linked. Still not a 100% match because the pound sign is missing on the 3 key. Still got a UK keyboard layout in settings though, so software-wise it still works regardless lol.

Don't think it's a 2012 one or older, because that would mean the motherboard wouldn't fit. I've already put it all together (with the exception of the speakers, which I've left out), and I'm currently typing this off off the 2011 MacBook Air.

Glad it's now identified as which one it is.

So what for kind of speaker do I need to look for now?

I'm still finding most of the same speakers with the same shape as the one that where in the original topcase, which means that the bar would still be in the way if I would try fitting them.


@svenwalkaboutre - Ah! Don't get mis-lead!

Apple didn't alter the logic board physically that much between 2011 ~ 2017 models so its very possible the logic board fits! And while the keyboard driver appears to work some keys markings won't line up properly. As an example pressing on the £/€ won't get you $ if you are in the states.

Assuming = Ass/U/Me ;-}


@danj I got another defunct 2015 Macbook Air. The keyboard on my 2011 MacBook Air was broken, and it thought I was pressing down on the alt key all the time, making it so that I couldn't use the laptop at all as it kept thinking I was pressing a shortcut.

I tried putting the 2011 MacBook Air motherboard into the 2015 MacBook Air housing, but because they use different charging methods (Magsafe 1 vs Magsafe 2), the charging port cutout on the 2015 MacBook Air is slightly different shaped. This results in not being able to fit the motherboard/daughterboard into place.

As I'm typing this I'm starting to think that maybe you could use a 2015 daughterboard with a 2011 motherboard, you might be right lol.


@svenwalkaboutre - Nope! The power between MagSafe chargers is different as the batteries and charging logic is different!

I didn't say the parts where swappable! All I said was its possible the part will appear to fit as Apple didn't make massive changes. But they still made changes that limit you!


@danj Ah, I see what you mean, yeah, fair enough.

The MagSafe 2 cutout in the housing is slightly narrower and longer, hence the magsafe 1 port not being able to fit.


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