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HP's notebook comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, Nvidia Quadro K1000M GPU, and a HD+ display . This high functioning mobile workstation was released in 2012.

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Can this replace my dead gpu?

My laptop is actually hp 8570p and not 8570w but its not an option

So i have hp 8570p with a dead amd 7570m gpu, and im currently looking for a replacement

This is my gpu chip

Block Image

And this is the chip i found online

Block Image

They both have the same code at the bottom

But the two code at the top is different

Are these two the same chip?

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Well technically yes, you can replace it, you have to have a number of expensive tools, and plenty of experience using them.
To properly replace it, you would need a BGA chip replacement machine (these are a combination of a fancy heater that gives consistent heat to just the area of the chip and to the board where the chip is, and is able to accurately control temperature curves to ensure a proper solder joint. The upper heater is also attached to a Z axis that can be lowered exactly where the chip should be.
Not to mention, you don’t know if the new chip will have pre-attached solder balls, so you might have to get solder paste and a stencil for that specific chip.
The spot on the board from the old chip has to be cleaned with a soldering iron and solder wick to make all of the pads flat again, and you would also need flux for attaching the new chip.

So in the scenario that you do have those things, feel free to try it out, otherwise you’re probably just wasting money on a replacement chip of dubious quality (those chips aren’t supposed to make it to market anyway), instead of spending it on a new motherboard. While doing the repair without some of those tools is potentially feasible, the chance of it working is incredibly slim. That isn’t even addressing the likelihood that it stays working, especially after applying pressure from the heatsink.

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Hello thank you for the answer and i already know that its possible to replace laptop gpu because i saw some video about reballing gpu on YouTube and there are some local repairshop that can give reballing service but they only do reballing

They don't do any replacement simply because they don't want the hassle of getting the correct replacement

So what im planning to do is actually to get a replacement online and from what i read on the seller page the chip comes pre balled

But i now just need to make sure i buy the correct chip

So do you think those two above are the same chip?


Oh yea one more thing the sellers didn't list the chip as "used" but im still not sure about the quality, and getting a motherboard replacement is actually harder than getting a replacement chip while i found a motherboard for hp8570p on my local online shop but its a bit of different model

Because it only have the intel gpu without the amd one, and im not sure if that motherboard will accept the cpu from my current laptop because the motherboard didn't come with cpu installed

Also the price of replacement chips is arround 15 to 20 usd and the price of the motherboard is 50usd


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