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Das neue Smartphone Flaggschiff wurde von Huawei im April 2018 vorgestellt. Modell CLT-L29.

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My phone just stoped working. I have a complete black screen.

So black screen, charging doesn't work I don't even get the red light. Plus when on put it on charge (original charger) the only thing that happened it the screen will blink on and off the Huawei logo. I tried the reset ( touching 2 buttons same time) but that doesn't work.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your help

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When did this problem start did you just have something replaced on the phone or did you do an update on the software? If you have done any of these things then it's most likely a software issue and you will need to have the software reinstalled. If you have not done any of the above then the problem is with the screen itself especially need to check the connector plug on the main board if not the plug then it is the actual screen that is damaged and will need to be replaced. Please post update as to whether your issue was resolved.

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