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The Dodge Dakota (called the Ram Dakota for its final two years of production) is a mid-size pickup truck from Chrysler’s Ram division (formerly called the Dodge Truck division). The second-generation Dakota began development in 1991, though they were not introduced until 1996 for the 1997 model year.

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Why won't my window go up after I slammed the door and it fell down?

Why did my window fall down when I slammed the door and won’t go back up on my 2004 quad cab front door

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It has most probably come off the bracket and or the window winder rail you will have to remove the door panel so you will have access to the rail system and put the window back in the correct place on the railing or it could be (less likely) that the railing bracket has broken somewhere and if so the railing system will need to be replaced or fixed if possible. Please post an update as to whether your problem was resolved

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