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no picture but eveything else works

i got no picture but but sound and tv channels work. if i use a flash light on the screen i can slighty see whats going on, what to do next


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Hi Emil,

Your backlight is most likely gone, so you need to get replacement LED strips and install them.

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is that easy to change or should i just buy a new tv?


It depends on how confident are you with working with electronics. You need to completely disassemble the screen to get to the LEDs. I recommend to watch a tutorial video of a similar TV LED replacement to see if you would be confident enough attempting the repair yourself.


i have disassemblet my tv and found some black leds, but not on alle the strips. if it was my backlight would those strips that look fine just light or is it like if one goes they all go ?


If you found black ones they most likely burnt out and they are shorting out the rest and that is why the strips are not working.


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