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Veröffentlicht am 22. September 2017. Modele A1863, A1905. Verfügbar als GSM oder CDMA / 64 GB oder 256 GB / Gold, Silber und Space Grau.

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Sound works but screen doesn’t

So my mom asked me to replace her screen but after I hooked everything back up the screen wouldn’t light up, however the sound still works because her 6am alarm went off. I’m not understanding this! I’ve changed several screens in the past and never had this problem. Very disappointing.

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Could be a defective display or if you didn’t disconnect the battery you could’ve blown the backlight circuit. If the old screen was still functional, hook that one back up to see if it works. You don’t need to worry about transferring the front camera and home button. Just connect the old display and power it on.

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