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Modelle A1237 oder A1304 / 1,6, 1,8, 1,86, oder 2,13 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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repair logic board soldering audio connector

Hi. I was replacing the audio cable on my mba (sound is out). I was on the last step of disconnecting the audio cable connector from the logic board. Then, as I gently pried it up with the spudger, the piece from the logic board that connects the audio cable was still inside. So, can I repair this piece by soldering it back onto the logic board? Please say "Yes!". I know the prongs holding the piece onto the logic board are on the piece and some on the board.

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What have you got to lose? But it's a simple job and would probably only cost $5-$10 if done by an expert. Want to risk your motherboard?

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Easier to solder the audio wires directly to the motherboard (cutting off the connector and stripping the wires end) once you have found out the good contact locations (left right). Find a technician who will do it for you. Cheap repair...

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