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Thunderbolt 2 cable connecting to usb?

Hey guys

I have an audio interface that runs with thunderbolt 2, but I am wanting to be able to plug it into my USB port rather than thunderbolt port, so that I can still use an external monitor. I’ve exhausted google. Do you have any suggestions? Is this even possible? Thanks

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Thunderbolt 2 is not compatible with USB. As there doesn't seem to be any solution to convert Thunderbolt signals to USB, I don't think you can use a Thunderbolt 2 device in a USB port.

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Thanks for your answer. Is there a way to connect hdmi to either usb or FireWire on my Mac to free up the thunderbolt port ?


@keeze - Sorry, same story different channel ;-{

FireWire is an old standard and was strictly external drive access.

USB 2.x which is what this system offered does not offer any video output.

Sadly, you'll need to look at changing your direction. How about getting a USB case to hold your drive to free up the Thunderbolt port.


@danj unfortunately I don’t think that’s an option. The interface in question is an Apollo twin mk1 which doesn’t support usb. Is there such thing as a usb to hdmi with a mini graphics inside that would work with my MacBook?


@keeze - Sorry no such animal ;-{


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