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iPod classic 80 Gb dont work, onmly in docking station

Hi I have a serious problem. My iPod Classic 80 GB dont work any more. It dont charge with adapter even with PC connection (there is only a flashing, half transparent Apple logo... it look like the Pod want to charge but will be diconnected every second). But the crazy thing is that it works fine in a docking station (JBV low cost station): Access to the disc, play all songs in good quality. IF I move it from docking station it switches off and the same situation as before. The battery symbol show full loaded. I tried a Reset (when it was in the docking station, without effect), I tied a other cabel: no effect.

Thanks for help and sorry for my bad English

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Thanks a lot for very fast help. Yes it is a Classic device, I test it with the serial number and the identification tool on this side. Ok, than I have to look for someone here in Germany / Hamburg who will do it for me because I looked at the very good description here, but I am not so familar with such "smal parts" :-( I got this iPod at ebay for cheap and it will be a present for my best friend.


Suriel, vielen dank fuer die annehmung von meiner antwort. Es ist nicht sehr kompliziert und Ich glaube das Du das schon machen koenntest. Alles beste und viel Glueck mit deinem iPod. :-)


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Suriel, it definitely sounds to me like you need a new battery. If your iPod plays on a docking station, it is usually because they supply a higher amperage. If your battery is below I believe 2.7 or 2.3 V your charger will not have enough "oomph" to charge it. Of course make sure that your dock connector ( the bottom part where the cable plugs in) has no bend pins, no debris and no corrosion. Also, make sure you have a good cable. I noticed that you called it a Classis, make sure that is what it is and not a iPod 5th generation. People call it Classic too, but it's actually the iPod Video :-) Nothing wrong with your English. Hope this helps, good luck.


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