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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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My 15 month old kenwood dishwasher runs for 30 second then alarms out

Ok so I had to choose a dishwasher from a list and mine wasn't show.

My dishwasher is a Kenwood kdw60x20.

Set program, close door, dishwasher drain pump kicks in, base empties completely as it should but then a double beep sounds and error code comes up that isn't in the manual.

Checked all the obvious, water supply, drain outlets even had it draining into a bucket so I know the drain pump is working. The light sequence (error code) is 1/2 3h 6h can anyone help or advise. Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the reply @jimfixer . I've tried all you said but still no change. I've literally removed and checked every part I can take off from underneath. All hoses all pumps and everything is as new. I've filled the base with water and turned it on, water pumps away no problem. Still times out. I've emptied it of water totally and ran it dry but still the same result. Maybe a sensor faulty??? Its as though there's a run time on the drain pump and it times out as it runs too long. Does that make sence?


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The code Indicates a blockage somewhere in the outlet path . it can also be in the nozzles on the spray arms. Check that they are not blocked by bits of food. It doesn’t have to be a complete blockage to get the code . You can try back flushing the drain by attaching a water hose to the drain hose and pushing water backward trough the system . This can dislodge the blockage. Hope this helps

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@jimfixer welcome back!


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