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How do I remove the lower case on a Sager NP5797?

Quite simply, the bottom case shown in the following photographs, is stuck and the clip won't release. Any help opening it up so that I can clean out the innerds would be appreciated.

Bottom of Laptop Image

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When taking apart laptops, I find that the designers put case screws in some pretty funny places. I recommend taking off things like the cover for the RAM, and looking under it for case screws. I'd also look under the battery and inside the battery compartment, they like to hide the case screws in there.

In general, I've found that, when the case won't come apart with light pressure, there's usually a screw somewhere nearby that I missed.

I've also found that some laptops open from the top, like my roommate's dell and my old, and others open from the bottom, like the new MBP Unibody. Maybe turn yours over and try from the other side?

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Ill have to upload a better picture to help show whats stuck.

I know it opens from the bottom (but for my old lappy you had to remove the keyboard and the screen to get to the fans...it was odd).

Ill try again once finals are over and post better pictures of it.

Thanks for the response though!


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