My laptops screen became like the pic restarting made it go away

Block Image

after i restarted it its working fine now , my touch bar has flickering issues and was wondering if the two were connected. if not whats the real problem

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If you plugged in an external display is it working when you get the black screen condition?


@danj it's working normally as soon as I restarted it. I just want to know if the panel is failing or not.


@Akshat Gupta - Do you have a TV or other display which you can connect to your system? Thats the key! We need to see if the > Other external display < is showing the same issue when the screen goes black.


@danj what do you mean by black? When the lid is closed or due to auto timeout ??


@Akshat Gupta - Per your image (something blackish with small lines) The issue we are dealing with as this is not the expected screen color is it???


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