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Apple Watch Series 2, angekündigt am 7. September 2016 und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016.

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Is my watch still waterproof?

Hello, my watch has a small crack, is it still waterproof.

Block Image

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I cant quite see the crack in the picture, but if it is on the screen or the casing the answer is likely not as much as it was. It would still be splash resistant and would likely be fine but I wouldn’t recommend submerging it for any length of time, but rain or water splashes probably wont cause you any problems .

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I’ve been in a shower with it like 2 times because I forgot to take it off and it still works to this day. Maybe it’s Still waterproof?


@Donatas Braškys Its possible. Like I said, I wouldn't completely submerge it because its possible that water could get in through the crack, but its not likely that things like rain or a shower will cause issues, but keep in mind that its always possible.


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