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"Universal Serial Bus" cables. Used for a variety of purposes, from charging a phone to powering a fan or facilitating high-speed data transfer.

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How can I know if I have genuine Apple Lightning cable

Hi everyone,

I had an issue with Apple USB to Lightning cable and now I am wondering how can I check if I have genuine Apple cable. I get my cable from “second hand” (it was in original packing and it’s looks genuine - compare the one from Apple Store - no different at all).

I know there are some cable testers, but the price is high - if I just want check cables. So I am curious if there is any software ? So I can connect USB to my Mac and will know if it’s genuine or not.

Thanks all for any idea :)

Regards Rob

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Do you have a Windows computer?


Well somewhere I have Core2Duo with Windows XP :D - not sure if I can call it computer, but I have access to computers with Windows 10


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First, Install 3uTools on Windows 10.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC via the cable you want to check.
  2. If you see a prompt on your iPhone to “trust this computer”, click “trust”
  3. Open 3uTools
  4. Click “Toolbox” at the top
  5. Click the “Genuine Accessories” tool
  6. Click “Test Data Cable”

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Thanks a lot.


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