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"Universal Serial Bus" cables. Used for a variety of purposes, from charging a phone to powering a fan or facilitating high-speed data transfer.

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Is it safe to use cable that's dropped into melted wax?

hi experts,

the story is like this…i’m clumsy and i accidentally dropped the head of my iPhone’s USB cable into a 3wick melted wax.

I’ve tried to clean out the wax completely (not sure if all’s out tho) and tried charging my phone with the cable again. It works with no issue.

The thing is I tried searching online but there’s no similar results online. From what I know wax is flammable and should I continue to use the cable to charge my phone? Is it safe to do so? Or should I get a new cable? Please advise!

Many thanks! :)

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xuanzaizhou candle wax is flammable when vaporized. So are the essential oils that make those candles smell aromatic. Cleaning the cable properly as directed is always the right thing to do.




Candles are made out of Paraffin Wax. The chemical formula for Paraffin is C 20 H 42. Melting point = 47 to 65 o. C Boiling Point = <188 o. C Flash point = 198 o. C Flame Temperature = 1400 o. C


@aactech beats the candles made out of tallow from muttons


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Hi @xuanzaizhou

The professional solution is to disolve the candle wax by soaking in a beaker or cup filled with 99% isopropyl alcohol (from electronic supply house) for 10 or 15 minutes. Allow to drain and evaporate over night.

The 99% is important as the weaker solution (rubbbing alcohol)can leave residue on the contacts

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okay understood thanks ?


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It should be fine. And candle wax is not flammable or else you would have a very bright burning candle.

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alright noted that's fast reply thanks a lot! :)


@xuanzaizhou - But it is an insulator and you could mess-up the socket if you plug it in with the wax on it.


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