fridge not cooling properly

400 litre double door. thermostat, timer and bio metal changed compressor works and freezer temperature goes upto (-) 15.6 and then fridge stops working completely again start when temperature goes upto (-) 12.3. after working like this for in few cycles it stops working but the compressor remains on,the fan is on and the light inside the fridge is also on. then temperature goes upto (+) 5.7 but cooling does not start. if the main switch is put off and then restarted after 4-5 hours then the fridge starts cooling and the above cycle gets repeated.

unable to understand the problem. the technician says problem with the capillary tube, dryer filter and condenser which needs to be cleaned / replaced. pls let me know whether the problem is with the

# thermostat,

# timer

# bi metal

# capillary, dryer filter and condenser

  1. thanks
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Hi @nonatapan ,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


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