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Repair and disassembly guides for Kenmore Microwaves.

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KenMore 30” microwave/oven installation Guide 911.47812201

Hello - I am looking for the installation guide for a KenMore 911.47812201. This is a 30” electric built in combo oven/microwave manufactured in 2003. I am particularly interested in the cut out dimensions as I am trying to replace and would like to slide something in with minimal to no carpentry work needed. Thanks

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Not entirely sure but here are the installation instructions, I think.

Here’s an image from the manual showing the dimensions.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

The best that I can find is that the oven is a GE product, rebadged or made for Sears as the mini manual i.e. service manual, part number for the oven is GE 31-14190. When searching for this a few results also showed that the “instructions - installation” manual was GE p/n 31-10525 which is the above. The date on the manual 06-03 also seems to indicate that it may be the one you want, assuming that it is month 06, year 03 that is.

If you think that it is not the one you need try searching on searspartsdirect.com for 911.47812201 and check if they have the installation manual or the user manual (in case installation instructions are in there) available to download.

Afraid that I can't access the website anymore as I don't live in the USA and they barred access to my location about 3 months ago for some reason, so I can't verify that they do but they usually do for most of the brands/models that they carry parts for.

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