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Die kleinere Version des iPad Pro, herausgekommen am 31. März 2016. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Display, dem A9X Prozessor und wahlweise mit 32/128/256 GB Speicher. Erhältlich in Silber, Grau (Space Grey), Gold und Rose Gold.

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Replaced 9.7" screen, can't get it to close.

Howdy all!

I replace the screen on my 9.7” pro. Broke the home button cable, so I had to wait for a replacement. Got that moved over. Reassembled except for sealing the screen, and everything (other than touchID) worked. Screen seemed to align with the case, so I pulled the tape, and closed it up. Looked good, very happy.

The next day the bottom of the screen popped up. Thought I just didn’t press into the adhesive enough, so went around the edge, and it looked good again. But later the screen popped up again.

Looking closer, the LCD cable has a bend in it where it wants to come out of the shield, go straight up into the gap between the inside case edge and LCD, do a 180 downwards, and then bend 90 to the panel. I tried getting that blip to go into the side of the case, under the tab that gets taped, but it is persistent. I can’t get the cable to lay flat enough for the bottom half of the screen to sit flat.

Should the extra cable loop into the side of the case, under the edge that gets taped? How do I train this cable to go to the correct path so I can reattach the screen to the case?

Thank you.

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hello mcarland,

flat tapes, because that's what we're talking about, you should slip it under the edge on which you paste the screen (it's a kind of shelf). This is quite difficult, reach with the ruler from the left edge when you put the screen over the plate - from the right side. This is the moment when the tape will slide under the aforementioned shelf. Then the screen will sit in place and the tape will no longer block it.

PS, in the photo you have an 11 "model and you write about 9.7". The models differ in the location of the tapes and the arrangement of the plate, batteries, etc. Correct the mistake please, it introduces a lot of confusion.

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Thank you! I put blue tape on the edge of a small ruler, but that was still too wide for the slot it needed to fit. Ended up carefully using the spudger. I taped the long edge with the connector first with the panel aligned to make a hinge and make sure it stayed aligned once I got the flat tape in place. It’s still a little “bulgey” where the tapes lay, so I’ve blue taped the edges of the screen for now, hoping to train the flat tape before I try the adhesive again.

When I searched for existing answers, I had 9.7” pro, but it just searched the pro category and I made a new question from there. Didn’t realize I could select a subcategory.


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