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Die vierte Generation der kabellosen Tastatur von Apple. Herausgegeben im Oktober 2015. Modell A1644.

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How to fix the power button? It slides and not click.

How do I fix the power button? I opened the backing but now there is a screw that I (might) need to remove to get to the power corner. It slides instead of the normal click (left to right) to power on,

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Talking from experience here, I just dissasembled mine a few minutes ago for a hardware problem, while I was attempting to take the lid off the Aluminum chassis, I accidentally torn the power button, which ended underneath the inside "beehive plastic cover".

Whe it was time to re assemble everything, I put back the power button on the top left corner, which is actually where It should be, and turned to just be held by a crappy plastic piece, which shafts the sliding movement to an actual switch, connected by a ribbon cable to the keyboard board.

Haven't searched yet, but I don't really know where I could buy this pretty specific thing, unless I get it 3D printed. Since we have the same problem, if I get it solved I'll tell you how to do so.

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