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The Amazon Echo Spot is a semi-spherical Echo product with a screen released in September 2017 as part of Amazon's Echo line of smart speakers.

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echo message to reboot router issue

does echo spot use 2.5 or 5.2 wireless connection. it keeps telling me to reboot my router cause it look like that is why it can’t connect. well reboot does not stop the ech from repeating the alert

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Hi @zippychippy ,

According to this review it can use either.

Can you connect to the router OK e.g. enter router password request but just not connect to the internet?

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The spot want me to reboot the router but all my IOT's and Alexas and dots work fine before and after router is rebooted. The spot just can't find it or wifI to connect. Continues to tell me I must have a router issue so reboot it.



Can you detect the spot's wifi name using a phone etc to see if it is actually on?

Have you checked your router's security protocol settings e.g WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc, just in case it is set to something the spot doesn't like? Check what your other devices that can connect successfully are set for.


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