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The Kenmore 90 Series is a washing machine manufactured by Kenmore.

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Not draining all water. Worth fixing or buy new machine

Buy new? Is it worth fixing machine not drain g?

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hello Elizabeth, can you provide more information? is the water still left in the drum after all washing and spinning and draining is done? if not, can you do additional spin programme ? most of washing machines , whether front loaders or top loaders, can’t drain water all the way, what is left is the water in the hose, especially if the sink it’s draining into, is located high. but it won’t be normal in any circumstances for the water to be left in the drum. can you clean the filter ?. if the program timer runs out before all the water is drained, the blocked filter would make the water flow lot slower. also , if the machine is old , the pump itself would be blocked and slower/ deteriorated. worth investigating all above, if machine is under 10 years old, and you could find somebody who still has the parts, and can do this repair at reasonable cost, it’s worth fixing. good luck.

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I ran another spin cycle and it emptied. I haven't done any wash since. Thank you for your help


@Elizabeth Coulston , you're welcome , good luck with the progress. take care .


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