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Die Wi-Fi Version von Apples iPad 6, erschienen im März 2018. Erhältlich mit 32 und 128 GB Speicher. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Retina Display und einem 64-bit A10 Fusion Prozessor.

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Necessary Components for Screen Replacement


I’m confused about which components I need to replace my iPad 6th Gen screen.

I think I have it right but I’m not sure. I have in my cart the following:

***iPad Air, iPad 5, iPad 6 Adhesive Strips***

***iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket***

***iPad 5/6 LCD***

***iPad 6 Screen Digitizer***

I already have the Essential Electronics Toolkit, which I think is up to the task.

Block Image

Many thanks in advance

iPad Air, iPad 5, iPad 6 Adhesive Strips Bild


iPad Air, iPad 5, iPad 6 Adhesive Strips


Essential Electronics Toolkit Bild


Essential Electronics Toolkit


iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket Bild


iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket


iPad 5/6 LCD Bild


iPad 5/6 LCD


iPad 6 Screen Digitizer Bild


iPad 6 Screen Digitizer


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Hi @rogercorbett,

Take a look at the guide to replace the front panel assembly and check out the Parts and Tools sections to see what you'll need. (Steps 1-40 will instruct you on how to remove the LCD and when you keep following you'll remove the digitizer, as well.)

Block Image

As far as I can tell you seem pretty set with that list! My only suggestion to add would be an iOpener to help soften the current adhesives and a battery blocker (or you can make one using a playing card!)

Good luck with your repair!

iOpener Bild




Battery Blocker Bild


Battery Blocker


iPad 6 Wi-Fi Frontpanel Einheit Bild


iPad 6 Wi-Fi Frontpanel Einheit austauschen



55 minutes - 2 hours

iPad Bild


How to Disconnect an iPad Battery with a Playing Card



5 - 10 minutes

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Hi @amber thank you very for your advice. It’s all adding up so I think I’ll get the battery blocker and make do with a hair dryer.


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