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Released November 2018 as an edition to the iPad's Pro line. Model A1980.

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iPad won't charge when powered on. Will trickle charge when off.

My iPad Pro 11” (2018) works fine except it no longer charges when it is powered on. When power is off it will trickle charge (sometimes). I’ve tried different USB-C cables and USB adapters. Visual inspection of USB-C port reveals no blockage or obvious damage.

Apple wants $500+ to repair. I’ve found this video on iFixIt that I’m considering iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" (2018/2020) USB-C Port

Hoping to talk to someone who has been through this process with my exact model iPad. The video shown in that link is clearly for a different model iPad (rounded edges instead of the squared off edges of my 2018 Pro).

Success? Failure? Caveats? What’s variations to demo should I expect between the iFixIt video and my iPad?

Thanks in advance!

iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" (2018/2020) USB-C Port Bild


iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" (2018/2020) USB-C Port


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I have not done these specific models, but ipads in general can be tricky to get the displays out of intact. The adhesive holding them in is VERY strong (it’s all that’s keeping the display where it’s supposed to be so it would have to be). You will definitely need heat to weaken it. I would say go slowly. And the thinner the tools you can get to do the job the better, sometimes it comes down to the ability to get something into a tiny gap.

This could also be a logic board issue, but I would say trying to replace the charge port is the way to go until you have more information (ie that replacing the charge port didn’t fix it).

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It could be a bad charge port or logic board issue. Try replacing the charge port.

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