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The RCA Maven Pro 11 is a two-in-one tablet that was released in 2015. Model number: RCT6213W87.

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Reset tablet and forgot pattern to unlock it? Usually just swipe!

Lock screen swipe, no problem! Next screen has a pattern, that I can't remember? How do I find out what pattern is? Tryed all resets, nothing will take that pattern off! And let me reprogram tablet? HELP? Thanks!

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Are you signed onto the tablet with a Google account?


@andrewsawesome THE tablet won't reset, %#*@ pattern! I was just starting to reprogram tablet, don't know why I did a pattern! Now this mess! I've used it without the keyboard! Would it be easier to get out of this technology !&&* with it attached or not? Ok thanks for your time! As always, be safe and go in peace!


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Volume down + Power button. If you're signed into the Google Account, just ask the person you got the tablet from to remove it or contact Google if it's your account and forgot the password.

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