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Das März 2015 Update bringt jetzt die fünfte Generation der Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren in das Apple 13" MacBook Air, dadurch wird die Leistung und die Akkulaufzeit etwas verbessert.

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HELP! Missing component need help identifying

I have a MacBook Air board A1466 here and I need help finding out what component I have circled and if it will cause the device not to turn on


Block Image

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Could absolutely keep it from turning on. That's a Fuse. Specifically a fuse which bridges PPVBAT to PPBUS_G3H (battery power to the main system power rail). For replacement purposes it's an 8A 24V fuse in a 1206 package size. Without this fuse, power doesn't go to the system.

If it's missing, be mindful of why it's missing. Was it removed intentionally? Fuses are designed to blow to protect the system downstream, but many times blow due to an issue upstream. So this fuse may not be your only issue.

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thanks for the reply it’s means a lot

The fuse was very corroded and fell of the board during a ultrasonic cleaning session

The board was very water damaged so that’s why it fell off so easy

Thanks Again


@hellomacos Yes, that makes perfect sense. Much more sense than the explanations my brain was generating. Hopefully you get get this board up and running again.


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