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Philips 3D TV modelnumber 55PDL8908S/12

I know it's kinda old, but have been working fine until today, turned it on and got black screen after 5 minutes.

Took the TV apart (back panel) to see if there was a normal fuse to replace.

There is a fuse but it is fine.

SO is there a scheme that i can search through to measure everything else for error?

I have some experience about the electronics, been modifying xboxes and playstations a couple years ago.

Please feel free to contact me in this matter, i'm from Sweden

Update (03/19/2022)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi Fredrik,

Have you still got sound on the TV? If you shine a torch on the screwn can you see anything displayed?


Can you take the back off the TV, take pictures of the circuit boards, and upload them here? Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


I hope the pictures helps (bad photographer 😱)


@gutex does it still have sound (just no picture)?


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@gutex first thing you want to try is to unplug the TV and unplug all accessories connected to it. Then hold the power button depressed for something like a minute or two. After that plug one video source, preferably local like game console, DVD/BR player etc. and see if you now get video. If not the check in a darkened room, shine a flashlight at an angle against the TV screen (TV must be on and you have to have sounds etc.). If you can make out shapes, silhouettes etc., then you know that this is a backlight issues. In case of no picture when CSM (Customer Service Mode)is activated (How to Activate CSM: Key in the code “123654” via the standard RC transmitter. Note: Activation of the CSM is only possible if there is no (user) menu on the screen!and backlight doesn’t light up, it’s recommended first to check the LED drivers on the power supply board and next the backlight strips (most likely the culprit since that would be a common Philips issue).

Here is the service manual for Philips Chassis QFU 1.2E which does have the PCB diagrams/schematics.

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I've been reading through the service manual for a couple hours, wish i had the hardware (osciloscope) to follow whats going on when powering up etc.

The state of the TV is now at no response and standby LED flashing twice and pause and keeps looping that.

I don't remember if that was standard standby light 🙈

However i refuse to surrender it to the "landfill" area yet!


@gutex 2 Blinks on a Philips is most commonly an issue on the power supply. Check the voltages from the power supply.


I've been probing the PSU and from what i can find is that there is no voltage at all going through the 1M90 connection though the diagram says it should, is there a replacement board to find somwhere OR a tech pro i can send mine to?


@gutex looks like the board is identical to the one on here Check on here for a bit more info.


Both links saved, the PSU seems to be out of stock (old) but info is correct in both places, i'll dig into it further tomorrow AND hope there is someone that can do a proffessional check on it somewhere near me.

Thanks alot oldturkey03 (i don't know how or even if it's possible to tag you)


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