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backlight turns off any time in an hour.

My issue is a bit different. Sound, amblight and picture is ok but backlight turns off any time in an hour. İt happens after picture is displayed from any source. If no picture then no problem. Changing tv may be better then change main board.

Güncelle (21-03-2022)

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Serkan atan what exact model is your TV? What do you mean by this "after picture is displayed from any source. If no picture then no problem. " The "If no picture then no problem." really has me confused.


İt is 48pfs8109/12.

I didn't install channels after reset tv, back lights made no problem.

Then I setup channels and start to watch a channel, tv turns off screen back lights. Sometimes some seconds later, sometimes it lasts more then 30 minutes. When I start the tv, if I am lucky i can use tv a little more then turn backlight off again.


Screen LEDs are the problem. After the change of the screen LEDs, tv is fine now.

Because of the fault in the LEDs, main board turns the LEDs off to protect the power card or itself, as I understand.



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Serkan Atan once the screen turns dark and you continue to have audio, shine a flashlight beam at an angle against the screen . See if you can make out shapes etc. If so it is your backlight that may have failed. If not then it is time to remove the back from your TV and take a look at the boards. This can be a power board as well as a main board issue. Since it is listed as a Philips I would consider a bad backlight array. Remove the back cover from your TV and visually check the boards. Take some good pictures and post those with your question, that way we can see what you see. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen

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I can see the shapes after back lights off.

Yesterday I could use tv more then 30 minutes.

I will take a photo tomorrow, when I have time. Thank you.


I added the pictures. Are they enough to understand the possible problem? Or how can I check which one needs to be repaired, power card or main card?


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