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Device and repair pages for the Motorola Moto G7 Power smartphone. The phone was released in March 2019, with model numbers XT1955-1, XT1955-2, XT1955-4, XT1955-5, and XT1955-7.

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Can I recover data from a broken Motorola G8 Power Lite?

Hey! So a few weeks ago my uncle’s phone screen went pitch black, when we press the power button it still vibrates and everything but nothing happens with the screen. I wanted to know if there is a way of retrieving the phone contacts as these were really important for his job. Please take into consideration that this phone does not have the developer mode activated nor the USB debugging.

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Fernanda Ureña this “it still vibrates and everything but nothing happens with the screen” is usually a pretty good indication that the display has failed. A replacement is not to expensive and I would start with that. Pulling data of a phone is not all that easy and not always guaranteed to work so replacing the screen might be a safer step. Once working, pull all the data off and store in a safe place. Check something like this video to see if you can tackle it.

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