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SteelSeries Apex Pro OLED not working

I just received a new Apex Pro keyboard, and while the keyboard in itself works flawlessly, the OLED display is just black. I have tried uninstalling drivers, different USB ports, restarted computer, uninstalled and reinstalled SteelSeries GG, but no cake. I’m planning on returning it tomorrow as I’ve gotten my RMA approved, but if there’s any fix for it I would much rather avoid having to return it and wait for shipping again. Any ideas?

The OLED button in itself works (as it starts/stops videos playing).

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in the software there are ways to make that part completely black. if youve gone through those settings and verified that theyre not disabled then you might be one of the lucky few where it just doesnt work.

it seems like youve tried most of the troubleshooting steps on your own. but if the next one does the same thing then you might have bigger problems.

make sure when you get the new one to do a fresh install of the software and use a different USB that you tried with the first keyboard!

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