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The Polaroid PMID4312 is a 4.3" tablet that features a multi-touch display, front facing camera and utilizes the Google Play store to obtain apps.

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power button fell out

My power but fell out of my polaroid tablet and the only way to get it to turn on is to press something hard where the button used to be is there a way to replace it or do I need a professional or is there a way to switch which button turns it on? Everything else works that’s my only problem with it, i used to use it as an iPod if that helps at all.

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it sounds like the power button needs to be replaced.

whether or not you can replace it will depend on how much gear you have to repair it and your experiance.

from the pictures on the teardown everything looks small so youll need to know how to microsolder.

also there is plenty of experience here if you do decide to try and do it your self.

if youre not confident enough to do those repairs then a shop may be able to do this for you!

good luck!

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