Kenmore Oasis 110.27087601 cannot remove agitator

I have taken apart the machining machine to replace the bearings and drive shaft. This is a machine that has the shallow agitator.

The issue is that I cannot remove the agitator from the inner tub. The inner tub has been removed from the machine with the shaft still in it. I have removed the cap and the bolt. I tried prying, tapping and ended up breaking a shoestring that I was able to get behind the agitator from the inside. I also tried tapping the bottom of the agitator through the slits on the bottom of the inner tub.

Looking at the diagram, I do not see anything that fastens the agitator aside from the center bolt. What am i missing or doing incorrectly?

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I also tried knocking the drive shaft out and only could get it to move about 1.5 inches. Attached a vice grip to the bottom shaft and banged on it to try and loosen it up as well as banged on the side of the shaft.


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