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Repair information for the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Released in February of 2017. Model number: XE513C24.

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Won’t power on.

Device is not powering on when button pressed. The power light starts blinking colors in a pattern. Device will go into recovery mode but that’s all.

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What pattern is the light blinking in? Typically these blinks are the device trying to tell you what error its encountering.

When the device is in recovery mode have you attempted to reinstall the OS using a flash drive?


I have not attempted a reinstall via recovery mode yet. The pattern is blue, green, white, then it cycles. Pressing the power button again or holding down has no effect. I’ve searched for anything that describes the pattern meaning and have come up empty.


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I cannot find anything specifically on the blink pattern, I suspect it simply serves to say the device has encountered an error. If it goes into recovery mode successfully, I would attempt to make a recovery drive (either USB or SD card) and proceed with recovery.

The only thing to note is that it will wipe all data presently stored on the device since recovery reinstalls the operating system. Although with a Chromebook I might be less concerned with that since storage is typically minimal and often documents are stored in the cloud and backups are fairly. You can verify that by logging into the affiliated google account and checking for important files before you proceed with recovery.

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When I insert the recovery SD the screen goes black and the power light starts cycling colors again. Blue, white, green.


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