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Modellnummer A1707. Veröffentlicht im Juni 2017, erschien dieses MacBook Pro mit Kaby Lake Prozessoren mit bis zu 2,9 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Prozessoren, mit Turbo Boost bis zu 3,9 GHz.

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How can I repair my MacBook? It doesn’t turn on

I left my MacBook closed outside for 15 minutes while it lightly rained. I brought it inside, and luckily for me when I tried turning it on, the dead battery symbol appeared on the screen. I dried the laptop the best I could and left it indoors to dry for two days while not messing with it. After five days now, the laptop no longer gives me the dead battery signal on the screen and it does not charge. I took it to apple and they want 1200+ to repair. Do you all think that I might just need a battery replacement? Apple mentioned they tried to do a reboot using another computer but had no luck. They want to open it but at a cost.

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Open it yourself and see what the damage is. You can also add photos to your post so we can help you.


I just ordered the Amazon tools to open it up myself, will be uploading pics soon! Thanks!!


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This sounds like it got liquid inside the machine and if you see any signs of corrosion, I highly recommend you leave it to a professional. Every major component like RAM, CPU, and memory chips are not only soldered onto this machine, they're also programmed. If these components are damaged in some way and cause a short circuit, not only do you kiss your machine goodbye, you can loss your data with it.

Check out Rossmann Repair in NYC. They do accept mail in repair and come highly recommended. The owner, Louis, has a youtube channel you can check out and is a big right to repair advocate.

I hope you can get your machine fixed yourself though! I wish you luck!

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