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The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is a professional quality label maker for home and office use. Model number: 1750283

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Why can't I print two-sided labels with Outlook 365?

Dymo 450 would print double-sided labels with Office 2013, but after updating to Office 365, it stopped printing those labels.

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Hi @bcarlson

Check that you have the latest DYMO software version installed, that is applicable to the OS i.e. Win or Mac, in the computer that the label maker is connected to. Scroll to the bottom on the page in the link to view the DYMO Label software versions download links

The latest version for Windows is 8.7.4 and for MacOS it is 8.7.5

Here's a link that shows how to check what software version is already installed. Scroll down to How can I check to see what version of the DYMO software I have installed?

Further down in What versions of Microsoft Office does DYMO software include add-ins for? it states: "DYMO Label version 8.7.5 (macOS 10.14 - macOS 11) includes add-ins for Microsoft Office 2016, 2019, and 365", but this version is not available for Windows OS it seems when looking at the available download links

You may have to contact DYMO about the problem, if you already have the latest DYMO software available for Windows installed.

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@jayeff - Dymo will do folded over cardboard Pendaflex label for there plastic tabs (flipped). You can also do a double print so the top and bottom have the same info.

Not a true double side.



I thought that since it worked OK with earlier Office applications it seems likely to be a driver compatibility issue with the newer versions of Office, especially since Dymo's latest MacOS driver version specifically mentioned the newer Office programs, don't know about the Windows drivers though ;-)



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