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This is a troubleshooting and installation guides device page for the Sony PS2 Slimline (SCPH-750xx). The Sony PlayStation 2 Slimline computer system is small, slim and a network ready game console.

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Why did the PS2 Power Die?

Okay so today I bought a PS2 that was broken. The power button lit up, but wouldn’t start up. So I knew there was power going through, just not starting up.

Before I opened it I got curious about my power supply. The guy I bought it from gave me a supply that allowed me to adjust voltages, and the polarity. I got curious and decided to switch the polarity since I was generally curious about what would happen. The light no longer lit up on the console, and so I just assumed it meant the power was cut since it was going the opposite direction now. So I switch it back, but now the console power light won’t turn on at all. I have cleaned it at this point and I’m considering resoldering the solder points for the power port. But I want to know what happened when I flipped that switch.

A PS2 has a Polarity for - o +. I switched it to + o - for only a few seconds.

I’m fixing this and someone is interested in buying it from me in a month. I want to know if I can’t fix it anymore and should order a new one to work on, or if it’s not a big deal and I can fix it.

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I'm no expert, but curiosity killed the cat. What I'm saying is, by flipping that polarity, no matter how short of a time for, you definitely fried a power management chip or some part on the voltage regulating circuit. They're designed to work in one way only, yeah they may have tolerances, but they're not much. Think of a zenner diode, they work great in one way, but reverse it, and it breaksdown and is no longer useable. Sadly bud, I think you killed.

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This answered my question. Man this sucks but at least now I know what not to do. Thank you so much!

I’m the bright side all the other parts are probably fine. So if I can find a replacement motherboard, or get my hands on another, I should be fine.


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