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Find repair and additional information for the Samsung RF28HFEDB refrigerator, a bottom-mounted freezer model with a French door, built-in design, and an automatic ice maker. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF28HFEDB**.

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Ice Maker Not Working

We purchased a second hand Samsung refrigerator RF28HFEDBSR/AA Everything was working at the time of purchase. We moved it let it sit for a week then installed it. The water dispenser works fine but it is not producing ice.

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What model of refrigerator




@wiccapheonix - Can you take a video of the inside and outside while its trying?


I could but theres nothing to show, it doesn't do anything. No sound at all


@wiccapheonix - A video would be kind of helpful,

Make sure its not blocked try running a small amount on water though


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Hi @wiccapheonix

I can't find a service manual for your model but here's the start of the ice maker troubleshooting flowcharts that may help.

It is for a RF28H series so hopefully it may be close enough to be of some help.

If you can't hear the ice water inlet valve when the ice maker test switch is operated, check the wiring connection to the valve (location is shown in the link - this IS for your model). It looks like there are 3 valves, so it will be a main supply, dispenser supply and ice maker supply. To get water to flow the main has to be operated as well as the desired individual valve i.e. for dispenser it is main and dispenser valves, for ice maker it is main and ice valves. As the dispenser is working obviously the main is as well. So you need to work out which one is the ice water valve

If it seems OK then on p.50 it shows how to remove the ice maker so that you can check if there is water in the tray or not.

Also on p.60 it shows how to get into the diagnostic tests mode which may help.

Sorry I can't help further and especially if the manual isn't relevant to your model

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Thanks!!! I will give this a go!!!


@jayeff - Well said!


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